What to bring with you

Top tip: Don't forget a towel and washbag! People often do.

  • Personal medicine. Please, don’t forget any medicine that you might be taking or might need. If you have any health issues, for example, a bad back, please let your skipper know in advance.
  • Sea sickness pills, for example Stugeron. If you suffer from sea sickness, bring some of these, you can buy them in a pharmacy, but do consult your GP first.
  • Sleeping bag. Any outdoor shop will sell them.
  • Warm clothes and a good supply of dry clothes. It can get quite chilly in the evening, so do pick up a sweater and a hat
  • Socks. 2 pairs per day at sea, you can never have too many pairs of socks!
  • Boat shoes. This type of shoe is very safe to wear on board, as they are non-slip. In general, any non marking (white sole) shoes will do, but if you find yourself going sailing for a second or third time, it is probably time you got some good boat shoes!
  • Wet weather gear. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with wet weather gear. Anything waterproof will do, skiing stuff also works well!
  • Towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, etc. Don’t forget!
  • Suntan lotion, sun glasses
  • Cash in local currency. Cash dispencers are usually far away from the marinas
  • Ear plugs. It is generally fairly noisy in the marina and people generally snore!
  • Good mood. That’s generally the most important thing!

Bagage restriction

(just like on an airplane!)

Although our yachts are fairly large (40ft) and very comfortable, it can get a bit busy if everyone brings as much luggage as they would on a normal holiday! So a general rule is that you are allowed one soft bag and a rucksack.

This will make is comfortable for all students and will be easy to manage by you.

Please do not bring hard suitcases. We really have nowhere to store them onboard and they slaughter the varnish as they bounce around. Soft bags, please