Le Voiles De St. Barth

St. Barts at it's best. Fantastic racing!

About the race

One of the new regattas on the cirquit, but, as all of the Caribbean events, pretty spectacular. For a start, it’s the St. Barts island. The playground of the rich and famous. Then, there is the whole racing scene, which we know can set up pretty good parties. And then, of course, the most important thing, racing.

If you have a look at proposed schedules of racing, they are pretty impressive. Most races are around 30 miles long, not counting upwind, so it’s all pretty intense. You get 4 races during the week and a day off, to enjoy the island.

Dates: 08 – 15 April, 2020

Individual places are available on our race-ready super-tuned uber-fast racing machine – First 40, Optimus Prime!

Plan of action

Sunday, 08 April, 10:00 Crew arrival. Mooring in St. Barts
Sunday, 08April Race training
Monday, 09 April to 14 of April RACE, RACE, RACE! Plus some training days and one rest day.
Saturday 14th of April Prizegiving
Sunday, 15th of April, morning Depart

What is it all about?

Well, this one is all about the racing, to be honest. It’s a relatively new event and the organisers are serious about their logistics and attracting good crowd of racers. So, as usual, it’s going to be brutal at day time.

In the evening though, we are in full party mode! The entertainment in the race village is spectacular, and on the final night there are some serious fireworks. Plenty to see, plenty to eat and drink, plenty of racing to be done.



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What is included

  • Professional skipper and first mate
  • Accomodation aboard
  • Mooring in St. Barts, on the de Gaulle quay
  • Crew uniform
  • Entry fee
  • Training day
  • Food aboard while racing

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I came for a 5 days course and it was freeezing! I did come in February though, so serves me right. There was a proper heater onboard though, so we we fine. The course structure was excellent, Aubrey [instructor] really knew his stuff and it was fun. Lots of mooring, which is what I was after. Feel much more confident now, and thanks for the pies, v. good 🙂

James Clover

IT Consultant

Staying in a different marina every night was the highlight for me. This is what cruising is about, I guess, so not coming back to Mercury was ideal, I got to know the Solent pretty well. Lee [instructor] was good at stepping back and letting us do it ourselves, which was very useful. Thanks again, and see you next year!

Dan Collier


Hi guys, just a quick note to say THANKS! I was really nervous, but it was all good in the end. We just practiced every day and little by little I figured it out, I can moor! Still a little nervous, but the basics are there now, I understand what needs to be done. I’ll come back for the mile building, I think. All in all, the course was well structured, very much hands on and I liked the boat, very plush :J Thanks for a great week!

Elena Godfrey

Projects director, WorldVision UK